Cyber war erupts between ISIS and Anonymous hackers

In wake of terrorist attacks in Paris, ISIS and a known hacking group ‘Anonymous’ are involved in some heated exchange of words. Anonymous hackers are the one who took the first step towards announcing the cyber war against these ISIS terrorists. ISIS responded with a statement labeling the anonymous hackers as ‘Idiots’.

But things got really heated up in the cyber world when Anonymous hackers took down more than 5,500 twitter accounts of ISIS terrorists. They also published the details of their recruiters, which is a big setback for terrorist organization. Anonymous announced after hacking these twitter accounts that “we will not stop our hacking activities until all websites and social media accounts of the jihadist group are taken down.”

The fearless hacking group is also providing hacking tips for the teenagers who wants to fight alongside them against these ISIS terrorists. In their hacking guide for beginners; they will educate them How to hack, how to locate or look for ISIS websites, social media accounts and setup a twitter bot.

ISIS jihadists also have a group of cyber criminals within their ranks, who are involved in various cyber attacks recently. The big question in everyone’s mind is, How will they respond after this latest attack on their organization?

Anonymous draw the first blood in this intense cyber war, which we believe has just been started. ISIS is planning to move towards the dark web;which will make it pretty hard for hackers to locate them. As I am writing this story there are news on various reliable sources that ISIS has shifted their main website on darknet. We believe now Anonymous have an uphill task to locate and uncover the recruitment people of this jihadist group around the world.

Uptill now no terrorists organization has ever used dark web to run their operations. The ISIS supporters can only access this website by using an special software. 

Ehacking Staff
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