U.S and China on the verge of Cyber War

China and U.S are literally on the verge of the biggest cyber war in history; after reports emerged that Chinese government has broken the agreement signed between Washington  and Beijing. The agreement was signed on Sept 25th and just after few hours the Chinese hackers backed by their government has broken the agreement; which says both will not hack each other countries private firms for the economic gains.

The report published buy CrowdStrike Inc. says; ” Today, we would like to give a public report of our observations. Over the last three weeks, CrowdStrike Falcon platform has detected and prevented a number of intrusions into our customers’ systems from actors we have affiliated with the Chinese government.” 

Report further states that ” Seven of the companies are firms in the Technology or Pharmaceuticals sectors, where the primary benefit of the intrusions seems clearly aligned to facilitate theft of intellectual property and trade secrets, rather than to conduct traditional national-security related intelligence collection which the Cyber agreement does not prohibit.”
This report has been most talked about news around the world; just hours after it was published. US foreign office is furious after finding out that these hackers are backed by Chinese government. Since the bond has been broken; the world should get ready to see one of the most fierce cyber war of modern time.

U.S and China are the first nations who has signed an agreement of this nature. And since its been torn apart by Chinese government just days after its was signed, indications are Obama government will hit Chinese harder.

So far Chinese embassy in Washington has not released any statement and refused to comment when asked. While on other hand Obama administration has responded when asked about these hacking incidents ” We have and will continue to directly raise our concerns regarding cyber security with the Chinese.”

But we all know these statements are just for official purposes. Bottom line is the trust has been broken and companies of both countries should prepare themselves for some pretty big security breaches in coming months.

Previously before the agreement was signed, US companies has complained that Chinese government hackers has attempted to steal confidential information from their mainframe computers. While U.S spies has previously hacked big Chinese firms like Huawei. 
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