Top 5 iPhone Security Apps

Hacking Smartphone's has become a primary case now a days, hackers are now more into targeting the smartphone devices than Computers. Every month we hear a news about new malwares security researchers are discovering, which has already effected the thousands of Smartphone devices. So the question now is, How can you secure yourself from these Malwares or secures data from these hackers.

iPhone users are the latest one who are effected by a malicious Malware name YiSpectre which the Palo Alto researchers has discovered recently. The only way iPhone or any other smartphone users can stop these malwares from entering their devices is by installing the necessary security apps.

In this article the we educate our readers with the top most iPhone Security Apps which can help them not only stop malicious malwares from entering their devices but also secures their phone from any possible hacking attack.


At the top of our list is the security app name "1Password", which is also dubbed as Secure Wallet because of its capability of storing the users credit card information securely. This app is very simple to manage. 1Password generates passwords and manages it securely. This software can also work on your Mac. It also alerts users about the insecure apps.

 Norton Mobile Security

This is another powerful security tool for iOS users. This app can help you locate your phone from anywhere with the help of internet connection, that's the reason behind its slogan which is 'Lost Phone Finder'. It also has contact backup that allows you to easily restore contacts across your mobile devices.The backup data also includes photos, files, folders, audio, video etc. 

Find My iPhone

This is one app I highly recommend readers to install in their iOS devices. This app can help you when your iPhone is lost. You can use any other iOS device to find your phone. There have been incidents reported by people about finding their phone using this app. 


If you want your data to be secured from hackers then Lastpass is the best solution for you. Its unique passwords makes it almost impossible for hackers to breach your Apple device. LastPass is an app that integrates with your iPhone/iPad browser and keeps you signed in securely, irrespective of where you are. LastPass stores all your passwords used across devices, expecting you to remember just a single LastPass password.

 Webroot SecureWeb 

If you want to be safe from any web based security threats then Webroot is the app you are searching. With this application installed in your device, you can easily block any malicious websites, analyze search results and check what's safe and what isn't on websites including shopping portals, banking sites etc.
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