Talk Talk Hacking scandal effected 4 million customers

Talk Talk a major telecom giant servers has been breached by hackers and now demanding ransom from its Chief executive Harding. Talk Talk confirmed that their data has been stolen, it is believed that around 4 million users are vulnerable because their data may not have been encrypted.

Dido Harding faced the media on Friday she said ” I personally received a contact from someone purporting  she added, I don’t know whether they are or are not – to be the hacker, looking for money.” When the Talk Talk chief executive was asked; weather the customers banking details are encrypted by Talk Talk, she replied ” The awful truth is I don’t know.”

She also remained silenced on the questions about the compensation offered by the company to its customers who are effected by this data breach. Talk Talk advised all its customers to contact their banks and crime reporting centers if any unusual activity in their accounts come into their notice.

Company has failed to secure its data security system and servers from hackers; this is the third major breach in their servers from Dec 2014. Both occasions (Dec 2014 and Feb 2015) before company released statements that their customers are not vulnerable and the breach is very limited and not at all sensitive.

The company was also criticized for not reporting the security breach to the police immediately; the information commissioner said company reported the breach after a day.

Dido Harding said the firm acted as promptly as it could because it was not initially aware that a hack was taking place. “On Wednesday lunchtime, all we knew was that our website was running slowly and that we had the indications of a hacker trying to attack us,”She added; “The attack was conducted by DDoS attack.”

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