How Germany is becoming most secure digital location in the world?

We have seen in recent times how U.S and U.K governments are unhappy with the encryption. Cameroon administration has already declared a war on encryption. But on the other hand German government is encouraging their citizens to use encryption. So, what’s the point behind this stance?

The main agenda behind this change in policy of German government is to make country the most secure digital location in the world. It has been pretty clear to all Euro zone that German value the privacy of their citizens; unlike U.S and U.K governments.

A German government official said when asked about changes in its encryption policy; “We support the use of more and better encryption and aim to be the world’s leading country in this area. To achieve this goal, the encryption of private communication must be adopted as standard across the board.”

Some political figures in Euro zone has warned Germans about the consequences they can face in long run by allowing citizens to encrypt all sort of data. They believe this will effect the country stance on War on terror.

Political issues aside the introduction of “Encryption for everyone”. It was introduced by the Volksverschlüsselung service, which is designed to provide easy-to-use, end-to-end email encryption. There are no premium charges for the use of this service plus it also can be downloaded on smartphones.

The German governments has been working from 3 years to make their country a secure digital location for its citizens and tourists. The launch of De-Mail is a part of this agenda; but this mail service has not lied up to the expectations. With only 1.5 million people signed up for the service till July this year.

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