Cisco disrupts $30 Million a Year Hacking Operation.

Technology firm Cisco has disrupted a major hacking operation which is believed to be worth around $30 Million a year. Hackers used the Angler tool kit in order to take advantage of the vulnerabilities in Java, Flash and other plug-ins in browsers. Remember Angler is one of the most dangerous hacking tool in the market right now.

This is the biggest browser based hacking operation we have seen in many years. Tech firm said criminals had used the notorious Angler Exploit malware tool to target tens of thousands of users every day. The users who are effected on daily basis with this operation is believed to be around 90,000.

Cisco has immediately released a patch , through Talos Group its security wing. They also released a guideline how the users can prevent themselves from becoming the victim of Angler Attacks but researchers said that this is not the end.

A security expert named Graham Cluley said in an statement to British media, ""We shouldn't fool ourselves into thinking Cisco's action will serve a killer blow to the Angler Exploit Kit, but it will have bloodied its nose and disrupted the criminals' activities".

How Cisco Security Team discovered hacking operation. 

The security team of Cisco was investigating into the Angler, which the company researchers believed to be the largest exploit kit available in the market right now. One researcher of the team labeled it as the "most advanced and concerning hacking tools on the market". 
This Malware gets into your system through your Java, Flash or other browser vulnerabilities and once the hacker gets the access of your computer, they demand ransom from the owner if he/she wants to regain the access.

The tech firm estimated that 50% of the Angler attacks it examine are happened on servers connecting to US based hosting providers.

The company believed that this a big blow to the emerging hacking economy, where ransomware and sale in Black market of stolen credit cards, stolen IPs, personally identifiable information are making billions of dollars every year. 

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