Secure-Desktop: Anti-keylogger Application for Windows

Secure Desktop is a tool for Windows to open programs in a safe area where keyloggers and Remote Administration Tools cannot access by any conventional means.

Software keyloggers work by setting up a Windows hook that tells Windows that whenever the user presses a key or uses their mouse to tell the keylogger what keys were pressed, where your mouse moves, and where your mouse clicks. Secure Desktop opens a new desktop and then opens the program you chose inside of it, Windows prevents programs from accessing desktops that they haven't been opened inside which means any keyloggers opened inside of your regular desktop cannot access your keyboard or mouse operations inside of the secure desktop and vice versa.

This technique is the same technique used in the UAC, ctrl+alt+del screen, and even the login screen to prevent keyloggers from logging your sensitive information and forcing you to click on things you don't want to (eg allowing administrative access to an application).

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  • Runs under the .NET Framework 2.0
  • Strict cleanup system terminates orphan processes often created by malicious programs after the primary process has closed
  • Desktop agent that ensures cleanup and provides in-desktop hotkeys
    • Suppresses accidental PrintScreen presses in the event privacy is a concern (Hold ctrl to circumvent).
    • Ctrl + Alt + K - Emergency exit (In the event the primary process becomes indefinitely unresponsive).
    • Ctrl + Alt + V - View processes currently open in the secure desktop.
    • Ctrl + Shift + Esc - Open Task Manager in the secure desktop.

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