Machine vs. Machine: Inside DARPA’s Fully Automated CTF

As you may know, DEF CON 24 is hosting the finals of the DARPA Cyber
Grand Challenge – a CTF played by fully autonomous systems, developed
over two years for that specific purpose. Attack, Defense, complex
gameplay all without human intervention. The team whose creation
dominates this all-metal Thunderdome walks away with $2,000,000.

This #defconflashbackfriday is a presentation by Mike Walker from
DARPA and Jordan Weins from Vector35 all about the CGC, the tech that’s
being created for it and what it means for securing the IoT we’re all
connected to.

Bonus: There’s a cool reveal in the final few minutes about an
additional contest where the winner of the machine vs. machine battle
might stick around for a little more CTF action, Humans against Toasters

Ehacking Staff
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