FireMaster – The Firefox Master Password Recovery Tool

FireMaster is the First ever tool to recover the lost Master Password of Firefox.

Master password is used by
Firefox to protect the stored loign/password information for all
visited websites. If the master password is forgotten, then there
is no way to recover the master password and user will lose all
the passwords stored in it.

However you can now use FireMaster to recover the forgotten master password and get back all the stored Login/Passwords.
supports Dictionary, Hybrid,
Brute-force and advanced
based Brute-force password
cracking techniques to recover from simple to complex password.
Advanced pattern based password
recovery mechanism reduces cracking time significantly especially when the
password is complex.

FireMaster is successfully tested with all versions of Firefox starting from 1.0 to latest version v13.0.1.
It works on wide range of
platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.

Password Manager and Master Password
Firefox comes with
built-in password manager tool which remembers username and passwords
for all the websites you visit. This login/password information is stored in the encrypted
form in Firefox database files residing in user’s profile directory.
However any body can just launch the password manager from the Firefox
browser and view the credentials. Also one can just copy these database
files to different machine and view it offline using the tools such as FirePassword.
Hence to protect from
such threats, Firefox uses master password to provide enhanced security. By
default Firefox does not set the master password. However once you have set the
master password, you need to provide it every time to view login credentials. So if you lose
the master password then that means you have lost all the stored passwords as well.
So far there was no way to recover these credentials once you have lost the master password. Now the FireMaster can
help you to recover the master password and get back all the sign-on
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