MFFA - Media Fuzzing Framework for Android

The main idea behind this project is to create corrupt but structurally valid media files, direct them to the appropriate software components in Android to be decoded and/or played and monitor the system for potential issues (i.e system crashes) that may lead to exploitable vulnerabilities. Custom developed Python scripts are used to send the malformed data across a distributed infrastructure of Android devices, log the findings and monitor for possible issues, in an automated manner. The actual decoding of the media files on the Android devices is done using the Stagefright command line interface. The results are sorted out, in an attempt to find only the unique issues, using a custom built triage mechanism.


Some results - vulnerabilities discovered

  • Multiple integer overflows in Stagefright code (libstagefright SampleTable):

    • CVE-2014-7915
    • CVE-2014-7916
    • CVE-2014-7917
  • A crafted MPEG4 media file can result in heap corruption in libstagefright, that can lead to arbitrary code execution in the mediaserver process:

    • CVE-2015-3832
 Download and read more at:
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