Hacking Team Hacked, What Infosec Community has to say

You might have got the news that the world's most notorious IT security firm, Hacking team; got hacked. The attacker has uploaded 400 GB files on torrent, there are many things to analyze but what infosec community has to say about it? You might be surprised to see the leaked information, here are the some comments of the community:

o0o0pss Porno


Naughty boys 

Please Don't say this


Are you Kidding me?


Yet They Failed to secure their server


Chile! Are you serious?

Well, there are many things that the community has to say. But, the real question is; who is behind the attack? Who wants to reveal the hackingteam business? Actually, why they want to do this?

You might have the answer, if not then, you have your opinion which we and everyone would to read, do share it below is the comment box :)

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