Top 10 Wireless Hacking Tools

As the Smartphone industry grow day by day and internet became the basic need of the whole world, anything people want to know they uses their smartphone as the primary source to search the thing they required. All people uses wireless in their homes to connect their devices but when the home network is down people want to connect to their neighbors wi-fi networks but they can’t because those are secured with passwords.
 But there are lot of wireless hacking tools available in the market which can enable you to crack the passwords of any wireless network in your range. There are two basic vulnerabilities in the Wireless LAN which a hacker can exploit. First one is poor encryption while the second one is poor configuration. 

Basically wireless hacking tools are of two types. One of which can be used to sniff the network and monitor what is happening in the network. And other kinds of tools are used to hack WEP/WPA keys. Here is the list of popular tools used for wireless password cracking and network troubleshooting. 


One of the most trusted and popular Wireless hacking tool Aircrack enables you to decrypt WEP encryption on a wi-fi 802.11b network. This tool recovers the wireless passwords by acquiring packets and once enough packets has been captured it starts to recover the password.


Kismet is another popular tool commonly used for wireless hacking. It is an 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system. This tool works on any WIFI card which supports raw monitoring mode (rfmon). It quietly collects packets to find networks and detect hidden networks. Kismet is available on Linux, Windows, BSD and OSX platforms.


AirSnort comes on only Windows and Linux platforms. The tool is useful for decrypting WEP encryption on a wi-fi 802.11b network. The software is free of cost and is not maintained or supported. Once Airsnort has enough packets received it started working by passively monitoring transmissions and computing encryption keys. If you are planning to crack WEP Passwords this is just the right tool for you and this tool is pretty simple to use compared to other wireless hacking tools.

Cain & Able

Cain & Able is another widely used tool for wireless hacking. This tool is developed to intercept network traffic and then discover passwords by bruteforcing the password using cryptanalysis attack methods. It can also recover wireless network keys by analyzing routing protocols. The tool is pretty useful for network administrators and penetration testers.If you are one of these and want to know how to crack wireless passwords and security then this is the right tool for you.


WepAttack is a Wireless LAN open source Linux tool for breaking 802.11 WEP keys. This tool only needs one packet to initiate the attack. WepAttack is based on an active dictionary attack that tests millions of words to find the right key.


Airjack is a Wi-Fi 802.11 packet injection tool. Airjack is pretty useful in injecting fake packets and making a network down by denial of service attack. Airjack can also be used for a man in the middle attack in the network.


This tool only runs on Linux Os and the result time of CoWPAtty is very simple to use but it is preety slow, and some cases the user can’t get the desired result. CoWPAtty has a command line interface and runs on a list of words which contains the passwords to use in the attack. The latest version of the CoWPAtty tried to improve the result time by using a pre computed hash file. This pre computed file contains around 172000 dictionary file for around 1000 most popular SSIs. But if your SSID is not in those 1000, you are unlucky.


This is an online password cracking tool for the WPA Protected wireless networks. CloudCracker can also be used for cracking different passwords hashes. Just upload the handshake file, then the network name and click the start button. This tool is not for free but it’s pretty good, with a very big dictionary of around 300 Million words.


OmniPeek is a commercial tool and works on only Windows OS. If you have a good knowledge of protocols only then this tool can be handful to you. OmniPeek is commonly used to capture and analyze wireless traffic. Another good thing about this tool is that it works on almost every network interface card.

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