Onapsis Bizploit - ERP & SAP Penetration Testing

Have you ever think about the vulnerabilities in your ERP and SAP system? If not then you and your organization are at risk. We as an infosec student used to talk about Malware, Web application hacking, Network including wired and wireless hacking and etc etc. But, it seems that community is less interested to discuss the security of SAP and ERP, or may there are not so many tools and techniques to be discussed. Anyway, Onapsis is providing some free tools top audit the security of the system.

Onapsis Bizploit

Onapsis Bizploit assists security professionals in the discovery, exploration, vulnerability assessment, and exploitation phases of specialized SAP penetration testing. Onapsis Bizploit currently ships with many plugins to assess the security of SAP Business Platforms.


Onapsis Integrity Analyzer for SAP

The Onapsis Integrity Analyzer for SAP was developed to help SAP customers protect their systems from unauthorized modifications of ABAP programs. If undetected, these modifications can be used to inject backdoors and rootkits in an SAP system, which would enable attackers to manipulate critical business processes, steal sensitive information remotely, and deploy advanced threats against business-critical applications.

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