Israeli Military Network breached by Arab Hackers

According to the security researchers from Blue Coat Systems Inc. the Hackers have managed to penetrate computer networks associated with the Israeli military in an espionage campaign that skillfully packages existing attack software with trick emails.

Many see this as the conflict between Arab’s and Israel, that the reason many believed that group behind this attack have connections to Arab region. Waylon Grange one of the security researcher who found the breach said ” the vast majority of the hackers’ software was cobbled together from widely available tools, such as the remote-access Trojan called Poison Ivy.
The hackers were likely working on a budget and had no need to spend much on tailored code, adding that most of their work appeared to have gone into so-called social engineering, or human trickery.”

By using basic obfuscation techniques, the most antivirus are not been able to detect the software. Some government computers are also found infected with this software which was probably been launched to send signals to the hackers.

Israeli Military said in an statement through their spokesperson that, ” were not aware of hacking on IDF operational networks”. No further statements or comments came from the Israeli military.

Blue Coat provided Reuters with an advance look at its findings and intends to publish a paper later. Private equity firm Bain Capital LLC is set to acquire Blue Coat from Thoma Bravo LLC in a deal to be closed this year.
After this news security agencies are forced to look back towards Kaspersky Lab researchers who said in Feb this year that there is a group of Arabic hackers. Who they think is the most advanced Arabic speaking hacking group which they dubbed as “Desert Falcons”.

Kaspersky Lab researchers further said that, this group operates from Palestine, Egypt and Turkey. Their targets are mostly Government, Military and activist computers. This group so far had breached different level of security in around 50 countries.

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