Hacker who stole from Bill Gates got Arrested

A Bulgarian Hacker named Konstantin Kavrakov who hacked the ATM of the world’s richest man got arrested today in Philippines, according to the statement released by the Philippine National Police. He stole thousands of dollars by hacking the ATM’s of many victims.

He was arrested red handed by the Philippine National Police while he was withdrawing the money from a Bank using different fake cards. This is not the first time Konstantin Kavrakov got arrested. Previously he was arrested in 2011 and charged with high-tech crime, banking frauds,forgery and commercial frauds in Paraguay.

He hacked into the account of Bill Gates in 2011 and stole thousands of dollars since then he is on the hit list of many countries police. Investigators beleive that Konstantin Kavrakov is the head of a International network for cloning bank cards, which is active in U.S and Europe from last 10 to 12 years.

Konstantin Kavrakov was arrested by elements of the Criminal Investigation an Detection Group’s (CIDG) Anti-Fraud and Commercial Crimes Unit and Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission.

Benjamin Magalong the chief of the Criminal Investigation an Detection Group said in an statement that ” Kavrakov has been under surveillance operations by authorities. The suspect has been staying in the Philippines for almost a year now.During the arrest, the police seized nine ATM receipts from Kavrakov. The receipts were all dated April 9, 2015 and had total value of $1,725.Kavrakov was charged for violating the Access Device Regulations Act for using and producing counterfeit access devices.”

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