Google sued over PlayStore Hack in US District Court

A women named Susan Harvey from California sues Google Inc. by claiming that she lost thousands of dollars through Google Play store hack.Susan claimed that Google agreed that the purchases was not hers and agreed to reimburse her. But she didn’t paid a single penny which she was promised by the tech giant.

According to the lawsuit Susan lawyers has filed in the Eastern District of California Court. The lawsuit states that, In March 2013 Susan Harvey bought her first Android Phone. After  powering  on  her  phone, Susan was  asked  to  provide  a  Google  e-mail  address  or  sign  on  using  a Google e-mail address.

 She signed on using her prior Google e-mail address. Subsequently,  the  Android  operating  system  prompted  Susan to  provide payment information in order for her to receive updates regarding her phone. Susan complied by providing the debit/banking information for her checking account with Bank of America.
The lawsuit claims that the Susan Harvey’s account information was directly stolen by hacker from Google servers. Because the credentials can only be accessed other than a compromise from Google’s end.

In August 2014 Susan upgraded to new Android phone attempting to recover another application she  had  purchased  in  2013,  for  downloading  onto  a  second  phone.  Susan logged  on  to  her  Google  account  through  her  computer,  and  was  notified through  her  Google  dashboard  that  there  were  one-hundred and  nine  (109)  transactions on her account.

Upon clicking on the appropriate tab on Google’s website,  Plaintiff  was  shocked  to  find  approximately  six-hundred  and  fifty (650) listed transactions, the majority of which were unrecognizable to Susan,  and certainly not transactions conducted by Susan.
There are no comments so far from both parties over the Lawsuit. Google spokespersons are quiet over this lawsuit and Susan Harvey’s lawyers are also out of reach right now.

Susan Harvey is accusing the tech giant of a litany of charges including –  Violation of Electronic Funds Transfer Act, Negligence, Invasion of Privacy, Violation of California Data Breach Act, Violation of California Unfair Competition Law. Susan’s lawyers are demanding a Jury trial and award of monetary damages.

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