Google adds ‘Trusted Voice’ feature to Android devices

Google is most likely looking to add more options to unlock your device according to a new report. It is said that some Android users are now receiving a new “Trusted Voice” feature, which is quite similar to face unlock but instead of requiring your face, it relies on your voice.

Unlocking a device has become far more secure over the years, evolving from PIN numbers to other methods, like a fingerprint. Android also offers other methods, including Trusted Place, Trusted Devices, and On-Body Detection, and now the list is growing again.

      However, Google hasn’t officially announced the feature. It appears to be an addition to the other Smart Lock options found in Android 5.0 that arrived with version 7.0 of Google Play Services. Android Police have noted from multiple users that the fully formed feature is rolling out.

Trusted Places keeps your device unlocked in certain locations, such as at home or any place where you feel safe. It lets you do the same when your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device like a smart watch or Bluetooth speaker.

 Google has taken a good initiative by creating different choices to give people faster access to their phones and tablets. And the “OK Google” feature is actually quite good at working only with a device owner’s voice.

Trusted Voice works by matching to the user’s voice model, and only when the phrase “Ok Google” is spoken. Google has also reported that other methods of locking a handset, like a PIN, pattern or password unlock are still more secure than this new method.

Google will give you a warning if you try to activate it that if someone has a recording of your voice saying “Ok Google”, they could probably unlock your device.

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