Darknet Markets under Attack

Private ‘Darknet’ markets like Agora, Abraxas, Alphabay and many others are facing a siege after the after the browser used to reach those markets are under attack. In an statement on Reddit ” Middle Earth and Agora are the focus of the most serious attack TOR has
ever seen. The attack however, is via the TOR network itself. We are
working with TOR to help fix this as quickly as possible.”

Darknet markets became one of the most easiest way to find products and services that are not legally available. So it is necessary for the buyer and seller to use the Tor browser to reach these markets so they cannot be tracked back. And Tor is the only way to access these Darknet market sites like Agora and Middle Earth.

Middle Earth and Agora are the major target behind the attack on Tor. Both have been struggling to stay up as they get hit with a flood of connection attempts that have overwhelmed the hidden sites.

This is the first time that a private darknet market is targeted directly. Because these markets sell products like Drugs, hacking tools and services, arms and ammunition to underage porno movies many people plus law agencies don’t have good things to say about this marketplace.  
Tor Developers are saying that, ” they think the problem will be solved in a few more days. So please do not worry, Middle-Earth is alive and well, everything is just in “cryo-freeze” for security reasons.

It may interest you to know that “TheHobbit” (owner of ME) was actually the person that discovered and reported this serious security flaw in TOR to the developers. If he had not found it so early and reported it, there is a good chance that Agora, Middle-Earth and the others would have been fucked for good. When TOR saw what “TheHobbit” had discovered they heightened the status of the situation to “CRITICAL”.

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