BT introduces “Ethical Hacking for Vehicles”

The British phone today announced the launch of “BT Assure Ethical Hacking for Vehicles”. This new service has been developed to prevent connected vehicles from cyber-attacks.

Connected vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, and other sort of commercial vehicle rely on various connectivity options such as WiFi, 3G or 4G data links, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies. These services provide a wide range of new on-board features.

These technologies have also provided hackers the gateway to gain access and control of the essential features and functions of vehicles. It also provides information on drivers’ habits for commercial purposes without the drivers’ consent and even remotely hijacking a vehicle.

BT has a strong global team of ethical hackers and security experts who wants to extenuate attacks before they take place even before cars turn out the production line.

Hubertus von Roenne, BT vice-president stated that citing one case where an electric car acquired malware after it was plugged in at a rigged charging station. It means that manufacturers are facing a whole new level of risk.

He further declared that the company’s expanding its team to the automotive industry now because the automotive threat landscape continues to develop.

Earlier this year, sister-site CBS News’ 60 Minutes showed how even the toughest military machines can be cracked open in minutes.

“It raises questions of safety, it raises questions of privacy, because no longer do you need a crowbar in order to break into a car, now you can do it with an iPad,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) said in response to the report.

But the government agency that invented the Internet has a brilliant videogame inventor on its side working to make the web safe for all users, starting with the military.

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