Australia’s Tier-3 launches Huntsman Security in the US to provide Security Systems

An Australian IT security company, Tier-3 has announced to enter the U.S. market Thursday with a plan to both disrupt and complement established security vendors in the threat management market.

Tier-3 is established on a global scale, including in Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan. The company is recognized for developing a patented behavior anomaly detection technology.

Huntsman Security that will be launched in the United States, offers a portfolio that includes a wide range of Security Information Event Management (SIEM) technology that provides real-time cognizance into preventing cyber attacks.

The Huntsman launch, a centralized enterprise security platform, will aggregate the output of SIEM environments from multiple vendors, including Splunk, Hewlett-Packard ArcSight, Q1 Labs and Huntsman Security's own technology, into a single dashboard for a consolidated view of enterprise threats.

Tier-3 used Behaviour Anomaly Detection as the DNA for Huntsman integrates existing security assets to provide a single view across the whole security environment.

Ultimately  Huntsman adds a layer of intelligence above traditional enterprise security systems, to detect network behaviour that is unusual, suspicious or risky. This means that your security staff isn’t distracted by background noise when simplistic thresholds are crossed, and can focus on the events that pose a genuine threat.

This is how Tier-3’s Huntsman:
makes connections between seemingly innocent isolated security events
detects the complex, sophisticated or less obvious threats that other systems miss
assesses their risk in context with normal network and system activities
ensures that your IT staff can focus on genuine risks that threaten your operations

Huntsman is an innovative security platform for enterprises that need to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to unexpected new threats, new forms of data theft and new compliance requirements. It goes beyond traffic and network behavior analysis and focuses on "real" behaviour over the whole environment.

Tier-3 is globally accepted for providing expert, responsive service to local and global enterprises. It also provides security services for large corporations, and national infrastructure providers.

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