Twitch users accounts may have been possibly accessed by Hackers

Twitch, a popular video game streaming platform, has probably been hacked.Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, stated in a blog post Monday that it discovered potential “unauthorized access to some Twitch user account information.” The company has imparted some detail but did not affirm whether all user passwords have been reset and that accounts connected to Twitter and YouTube to promote live streams have been disconnected.

Twitch has mentioned in the Wall Street Journal that passwords, e-mail addresses, user names, home addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth may have been accessed. The company has not fully confirmed a breach, saying that it’s still investigating.

Twitch was purchased by Amazon last year for $970 million. Twitch is the most popular social video platform for gamers, enabling them to live stream game content and communicate with friends and fans. In February, Twitch strutted that its community possesses more than 100 million members and 1.5 million broadcasters.

The attack on Twitch may have concentrated on simply seizing data. By getting access to data, hackers could exploit it in a range of phishing attacks designed to target people through their e-mail addresses and get them to click on links to steal sensitive information. Hackers have also been found to sell user data on the Web’s black market, enabling criminals to steal goods with another person’s identity.

“Gaming sites have always been a lucrative target,” ESET security specialist Mark James stated Tuesday. “Not only do they represent gamers that may use the same login and passwords as similar sites but they also enable the possibility of other electronic goods to be stolen and sold elsewhere, in game items, in game gold.”
Along with entreating its users to use strong passwords, the company has also declaimed that it plans to provide further detail about the incident.

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