The Theory of Every Hacking Attack

Nobody can hack you without your permission”

it is very hard to transfer your feelings and thoughts into words,
especially if you are trying to say something about someone’s privacy
and security. It is not an easy job to handle a situation when your
friend, client or loved one got hacked, but you have to manage it; you
have to take some steps to reduce the loss as much as you can. Why we
always think about the techniques to be implemented after getting
hacked, why not do something that prevents hacking attacks? Why not find
the problem that ended as hacking attack?

Every hacking Attack

The answer of all of
these questions is hidden within yourself, you at the very first sight
are responsible to manage and secure your assets (privacy, passwords and
etc). Nobody can hack you without your permission does not mean that
hacker needs your written approval prior hacking attack. But in true
sense it means that, you intentionally or unintentionally give
opportunity to a hacker to exploit your security. So you are the one who
is responsible and answerable for your own security and privacy,
Government, your ISP and even your vendor have limited resources while
managing your security. But you got all the resources.

consider an example, I witness that many organizations are reluctant to
upgrade their systems and processes that prevents the hacking attack;
most of the time they care about saving or they simply don’t care the
security of their data. And the result is breached, data stolen; now
tell me who is responsible? Is it the network administrator who gave
several proposal to upgrade the system but you did not release the fund.
So who is responsible?

The theory of every hacking attack is: “Nobody can hack you without your permission” or “Your security is directly proportional to your willingness to stay secure

time to take some serious steps to strengthen your security and you
should care about it because it’s all about your data. Being related
with Infosec industry, you should also spread the information, knowledge
and awareness so that a common user can take some steps to stay secure.

It’s our job to spread the theory of every hacking attack.

Ehacking Staff
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