Lizard Squad member and 55 Hackers Arrested in UK Cyber Crime Raids

A crackdown lead by Britian’s NCA (National Crime Agency) in the past week around 56 cyber criminals were arrested. NCA suspected that the arrested hackers are involved some very serious hacking activities like DoD, Yahoo, PlayStation and Xbox live attacks. This is the biggest hacking raid by any agency related to cyber security in UK.

Reports also emerged that a young hacker around the age of 23 was also arrested who is involved in the attack on US Department of defense on June 15, 2014. He breached into the satellite communication system and stole the data of around 800 users, including name, title, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, leaked. The hacker also managed to nab information for approximately 34,400 devices, including IMEI numbers that identify a specific phone.

While another big success that the UK police got from these raids is the arrest of the alleged Lizard Squad member. A group who are involved in the taking down of Xbox Live and PlayStation over Christmas. This was the first member of Lizard squad arrested after that hacking attack. The authorities said that he is only 16 years old and was involved in breaching the security of more than 350 websites. The name of the member is still not reveled but sources said that he was arrested from Leeds, Yorkshire.

Another high profile cyber criminal whose age is believed to be around 21 years was arrested during these raids by UK police. It is believed that he is involved in the D33Ds Company hacking collective, believed to have perpetrated a 2012 attack on Yahoo, after which as many as 450,000 email addresses and passwords were published online.

Other arrested hackers are also believed to be involved in various hacking activities like malware development, fraud and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which flood networks with traffic so they can’t function.

Jeffrey Thorpe, special agent in charge, at the US Department of Defence criminal investigative service (DCIS), said: “This arrest underscores DCIS commitment and the joint ongoing efforts among international law enforcement to stop cyber criminals in their tracks. DCIS special agents will use every tool at their disposal to pursue and bring to justice those that attack the Department of Defence.

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