India VS Pakistan Cyber war – The battle of Nonsense Cyber Armies

Countries nowadays don’t want to start
wars on their border because it creates win-lose situation, loads of
destruction, human life and infrastructure are in danger and there
are many other disadvantages are there. The bitter truth is that
human can’t live without having a war, so we (human) have chosen a
new ground to commence war. The ground is commonly known as cyber
world, or the world based on electron and the switch.
Whether it is USA VS China, India VS
Pakistan & North Korea VS USA, all the countries are developing
their cyber forces to attack on the enemy, recently China has admitted that they have the cyber force but other countries are yet
to admit.

The Scenario of Cyber warefare

India VS Pakistan, they have many
things in common, including the hate; both countries are in
development phase, but they used to attack on each other
technological infrastructure to give the maximum damage. The war
might not be going at the state level, but their individuals are
involved in cyber warfare, these individuals might be university
students, graduates or the one looking for a job.
The war might not be at the state level
because the state should not be interested to deface a website of a
real estate agent (here we mean a common website having lots of
vulnerabilities). So who are they? They, Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA),
Indian Cyber Army (ICA) and others (there are plenty of groups). What
their motives are? Why they are doing this?

An Analysis of this Nonsense War

Next time if you hear that PCA or ICA has hacked 10K websites, you
should not give a ****. They are nobodies, they don’t have a mission,
vision, values or even a team; they do this to have fun and these
defacement are nothing but a show off, they used to promote one of
their forum and to make common people fool so that they join them,
praise them and beg them to teach hacking.

Their definition of hacking is to use Google dork to get a
vulnerable website, perform SQL-injection by using automatic tools
like Havij and SQLmap, get in and replace a home page with an image
that’s it. They don’t care about the happenings and development of
Infosec industry because they are a bunch of fools and they know

Final Note: A suggestion

If you are interested in cyber security and infosec then you
should not indulge yourself in defacement because the result won’t
lead you to your destination and you will soon find yourself in the
middle of nowhere. My suggestion for both people across the border is
to learn the technology and implement it for the betterment of the
society and involve yourself in construction instead of destruction.
Learn hacking but make sure that defacement is not hacking.

Now what do you say? Use the comment box.

Ehacking Staff
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