Use Software Defined Radio to Hack Wireless World

Ever wanted to spoof a restaurant’s pager system? How about use an
airport’s Primary Surveillance RADAR to build your own bistatic RADAR
system and track moving objects? What sorts of RF transactions take
place in RFID systems, such as toll booths, building security and
vehicular keyless entry? Then there’s ‘printing’ steganographic images
onto the radio spectrum.

Wireless systems, and their radio signals, are everywhere: consumer,
corporate, government, amateur – widely deployed and often vulnerable.
If you have ever wondered what sort of information is buzzing around
you, this talk will introduce how you can dominate the RF spectrum by
‘blindly’ analysing any signal, and then begin reverse engineering it
from the physical layer up. I will demonstrate how these techniques can
be applied to dissect and hack RF communications systems, such as those
above, using open source software and cheap radio hardware. In addition,
I’ll show how long-term radio data gathering can be used to crack
poorly-implemented encryption schemes, such as the Radio Data Service’s
Traffic Message Channel.If you have any SDR equipment, bring it along!” – Balint Seeber at Blackhat conference.

Ehacking Staff
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