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SSL or secure socket layer is crucial for today’s website, whether you own a small website, large eCommerce platform or even corporate website; you need SSL to establish a secure and encrypted channel that ensures the security at the transport layer of the OSI model.

It is very common and we at ehacking, used to face the questions of the users who want to purchase/configure SSL for their respective websites. There are many factors that one should consider before making the purchase because at the end of the day security of users’ data is salient.


Why SSL? What are the key Benefits?

As an Internet savvy, you must have seen that all the reliable and renowned brands/websites are using SSL, why they are using? They are not fools; they know the benefits and outcomes that SSL certificate can give to a website. 
The foremost benefits of SSL are as follows:


Encryption is the one the key benefit that you can get by using SSL certificate, the end data cannot be sniffed by the hackers. Encryption provides peace of mind because the sensitive data can only be read by the intended parties. Use SSL to avoid the dangerous hacking attack like, Man-in-the-Middle attack and other types of sniffing.


Fight against Phishing

Phishing is when hackers create a clone of a website that looks exactly like a real one and they used to circulate this fake page on the Internet to get the credit card and other valuable information of the users, however it is way too hard for them to get the authenticate SSL certificate. As a result, customers are reluctant to provide their information because the absence of the authenticate SSL certificate.


Improve Customer Trust

Customer trust comes when they find the business care about them and their data because the security of users’ data is salient.

Apart from the securing website there is one more huge benefit of SSL Certificate in business. Yes, in August Google announced that SSL Certificate sites will get improvement in Google ranking.


How to Choose SSL Certificate for Website?

There are very important facts to be considered before purchasing SSL Certificates from any vendor for example: customer support, browser acceptance, pricing, ease of installation & many more. Each and every business has their own requirement for SSL Certificates. If you own an ecommerce business then EV SSL certificate is best suited for your business. Apart from that the importance of SSL certificate in ecommerce business has increased to gain customers trust, secure online transaction and remove cyber threat.

Types of SSL Certificate

Single Domain SSL – Secure the website URL only (https://mydomain.com)

Wild Card SSL – Secure the website URL and its unlimited sub-domains (https://mydomain.com https://mail.mydomain.com)

Multi Domain SSL – SSL certificate that secures multiple domain names and multiple host names within a domain name

Why ClickSSL?

is the reputed name in the industry and they provide SSL certificates
at a cheaper price from trusted & reputed brands like Semantec,
GeoTrust, Thawte & RapidSSL. They are helping small, medium and
large businesses by providing secure and trusted SSL Certificates &
100% support from last 6 years. These certificates provide amazing
benefits to its customers like Vulnerability Assessment, Malware
Scanning & many more with 99.9% browser compatibility.

ClickSSL has very flexible pricing structure for all SSL Certificate brands with huge discount. Apart from the regular pricing structure, it also provides bargain price offers along with deals, coupons and other promotional offers which are matchless. Their regular pricing structure is far better than the other market players.

ClickSSL Services & Support

Customer support and browser acceptance are the important aforementioned factors, and ClickSSL has 99.9% browser recognition; their SSL Certificates almost compatible with every browser available today including Chrome, Mozilla, IE & Opera. Apart from desktop browser, their certificate supports mobile devices (Windows, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Symbian OS) too.

ClickSSL also provides 30 days money back guarantee on certificates like RapidSSL, Thawte and Symantec. When we talk about customer support, their consummate employees provide complete support via live chat, Email Chat along with SSL Certificate Installation help and some other methods are also available.

Before concluding let’s remind the essential parameters that should be considered before taking any decision regarding the SSL certificate, select wisely because it will create an impact; positive or negative impact choice is yours.

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