CIA Trying to Break into Apple Security to Steal Secrets

The news come to light today that US agency CIA is trying to crack the security of Apple devices for years. It is clear that world’s top two giants Google and Apple didn’t get along with the US security agencies like NSA and CIA in the past.

The Intercept revealed the news that The security researchers working for the CIA has been trying to break into the Apple’s iPhone’s and iPad’s.The security researchers presented their latest tactics and achievements at a secret annual gathering, called the “Jamboree,” where attendees discussed strategies for exploiting security flaws in household and commercial electronics. The conferences have spanned nearly a decade, with the first CIA-sponsored meeting taking place a year before the first iPhone was released.

It has been no secret that the US spy agencies can go to any extent on the basis of National security. They has been involved in some very high profile security breaches where their Hackers breached the highly secure servers to gained the desired results. Gemalto is the biggest example of how an Spy agency can breaches a world’s top firm security without the knowledge of that firm.

Edward Snowden is the person who provided these details to The Intercept. By targeting essential security keys used to encrypt data stored on
Apple’s devices, the researchers have sought to thwart the company’s
attempts to provide mobile security to hundreds of millions of Apple
customers across the globe. Studying both “physical” and “non-invasive”
techniques, U.S. government-sponsored research has been aimed at
discovering ways to decrypt and ultimately penetrate Apple’s encrypted
firmware. This could enable spies to plant malicious code on Apple
devices and seek out potential vulnerabilities in other parts of the
iPhone and iPad currently masked by encryption.

The CIA has denied to comment of this story so far. But the picture looks clear now that there is involvement of CIA in this scandal somewhere.  Apple INC. has also been silent after these revelations.

The security researcher who is working on cracking the security of Apple said that it is not impossible to inject a malware in Apple device. He further claimed that he created the custom version name Xcode – Apple software development tool. If this is true then the software can play as a pathway to inject the malware into Apple Devices and also creating the surveillance backdoors into iOS apps if programs are unwittingly created using the CIA’s version of the free software.

The security researcher further added that, they successfully modified the OS X update system in order to install keylogging software, The documents doesn’t indicated that how successful the CIA has been in targeting the Apple but this act of government agencies has made it clear that they are willing to cross all lines to get the desired results.

The tension between Government agencies and the tech giants like Apple,Google is about to reach the boiling point. With these latest revelations it is only gonna get worse in future. Now the question is how Apple will reply to this latest act of another US government’s security agency.

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