U.K Published hacking guidelines for Spies

In every country the Governments use hacking to keep an eye on their people and for the countries security but they always deny this in public. American’s are the most anxious in this because of the spying their agencies like NSA and FBI. But these agencies never accepted that they are doing anything illegal and always stated they only do whats necessary to protect their national security.

But U.K government is the first who took step towards publishing the set of draft guidelines concerning the use of electronic hacking and bugging devices by the security and intelligence services.

It is not something unusual because everyone in the world knows that their country’s intelligence agencies performs these acts for the national security but never before an official statement from a government has been released regarding this issue.

Even though the document that has been published from British home office is titled “equipment interference”. In statement the word Hacking is not used but everyone knows that the term ‘equipment interference’ means gaining access to someone else electronic device like smartphone,Computer,tablet and more.

Most of the world is surprised with this statement released by the U.K government because this is the first time that a Government openly accepted that they hack into their citizens and also there are blackhats who perform their activities as the government orders them.

With that said, this is as much a defensive move as it is an olive branch. The Home Office is quick to note that the publication “does not confer new powers,” but it does try to justify those powers. It’s reportedly “vital” that security agencies have these permissions to stop terrorists and other major threats.

Officials want to reframe their hacking activities in more favorable national security terms, rather than leaving the discussion to whistleblowers and other critics who see government hacking as a violation of privacy.

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