Open Source Privacy Tools that Keeps you Safe from NSA

After the Gemalto security breach it is clear that Spy agencies like NSA use their Hackers to gain access to servers. Snowden documents showed that NSA goes beyond legal boundaries to keep an eye on the people at the name of National security. These security breaches by Spy agencies will never gonna stop. So it is up to users to secure their servers from the Hackers of these Spy agencies.We researched and came up with some most reliable open source privacy tools that even the NSA hackers can’t crack.

1. PGP

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a very secure open source tool developed by Phil Zimmermann. This tool is almost impossible to crack because PGP encryption uses a serial combination of hashing, data compression, symmetric-key cryptography, and finally public-key cryptography; each step uses one of several supported algorithms. The software was developed in earl 1990’s and as the Snowden documents showed how the NSA can’t crack the PGP. 

This doesn’t mean that PGP has no flaws. There are two major flaws in this tool one is related to the experience of the user while the other flaw is a technical one. But even with these two flaw’s the NSA failed to crack PGP with is a pretty amazing thing when you realize how easily this Spy agency is breaching the servers around the world.
PGP messages can’t be “forward secure,” so if a key is stolen, then all previous messages can be decrypted. As for the UX issue, it’s well known by now that Glenn Greenwald almost missed the reporting on the Snowden documents by not being able to set up PGP properly. Right now it’s too hard to use for most people.

2. OTR

Off The Recod (OTR)  is another privacy tool that will help to to secure your data from many Spy agencies. OTR is a cryptographic protocol which is used widely because of it has the power to encrypt every massage with a new key. The OTR was designed by Ian Goldberg and Nikita Borisov. OTR protocol is used in multiple clients including in Pidgin, Jitsi and Adium for desktop or in mobile clients such as CryptoCat and ChatSecure.
The main objective behind this protocol is providing deniable authentication for the person or group while keeping the conversation between two parties confidential like in real life when people are discussing something behind closed doors.  The documents leaked by Snowden didn’t say anything about TextSecure’s Axolotl because it dated back to 2012 or before that when Axolotl was not created.

3. Tor 

Tor is a software that cost you nothing and helps you to communicate anonymously. Tor was released in 2002 and need OS like windows or Linux to run smoothly. Tor and Tor browser has made it very difficult for the NSA to have a track of those who are using it. But it is not impossible for the NSA to track the people who are on their target if even they are using Tor services. But this can be possible if the person didn’t updated his Tor browser with latest patches.
If your Tor browser if upto date the it is an impossible task for even NSA to have a track of you. But still there are some mistakes that the person who is on target can make to get caught.  Such as log-in to the accounts that uses their real name and addresses. So, its pretty clear now that Tor can help you to be anonymous but you also have to sharp if you do not wanna get caught, 

4. Tails

The basic function of this Linux based OS is to preserve privacy and anonymity. Its all outgoings are forced to go through Tor which helps to user to remain anonymous. That’s why it is very hard to agencies like NSA to identify a certain person who they really are. The one thing that can get you caught is if you are using Tails as your main machine. Because when you log-in to your personal email account or even your social networking site anyone who is tracking you will know who you are. So never use Tails as your main machine if you wanna remain anonymous. 
If you want some more security then Tails can be used from a DVD, ensuring no malware that’s meant to expose you can be written to it. Then, every time you use Tails it will be like using a clean install of it. Which is a pretty good solution of your problem. 

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