Microsoft releases Windows defender update to counter Superfish

It took just a day for Microsoft security team to came up with a solution for the Lenovo PC’s who are infected with a very dangerous software according to the news from Thursday. But with the release of updated version of Windows defender Microsoft came up with a tool which will automatically Superfish software which was already installed in many Lenovo machines.

This Windows defender update will help to reset any SSL certificates that were circumvented by Superfish, restoring the system to proper working order. It’s a crucial fix, as many security professionals had been struggling to find a reliable method for consistently and completely undoing the harmful effects of the program. To make sure the fix takes effect, any Superfish affected Windows users should update their version of Windows Defender within the program and scan as soon as possible.

This Windows defender update is available in all machines that have Windows 8.x. Our infosec tested the newly released Windows defender we installed Superfish adware in our machine through a copy we have which we took from an infected Lenovo machine. The software added the very dangerous root certificate and Superfish app.

Then we runs the updated version of Windows defender to see what effect it will have on Superfish adware. Windows defender installed definitions automatically in our PC. After that we ran a quick scan to see does Windows defender really countered the Superfish adware. The quick scan result came and our machine has detected the Lenovo certificate and recommended its immediate removal.

You can’t run manual scans if another antivirus program is running. Because Windows defender will be disabled and you cannot perform the manual scans. As Peter Bright of Ars Technica notes, this is problematic on Lenovo PCs where the buyers have set up trial antivirus software included as part of the same third-party software load that includes Superfish and its accompanying certificate.

The response time of Microsoft security team has shown that what is the role of these major antivirus companies when it comes to war against adwares. This move by Microsoft has been praised by everyone in the security industry. This may encourage others to follow the footsteps of Microsoft and lead the fight against adwares. 

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