Hackers stole $100 Million from Banks reports Kaspersky Lab

In the last two years a group of cyber criminals has stolen around $100 Million from the banks in 30 countries according to the NewYrok Times. NY Times got the copy of the upcoming Kaspersky Lab’s report which provided details of how the banks in Russia, US, Japan, Europe and in many other counties  got hacked by this multinational group of hackers. Hackers used malware starting in 2013 from which they kept an view on the day to day operations, impersonate bank officials.

Kaspersky Lab

The malware enables this group to transfer money from the bank to their fake accounts. According to the NY Times, Kaspersky Lab said the total theft could be more than $300 million, although the cybersecurity firm has not nailed down an exact figure. Each transaction was limited to $10 million and some banks were hit more than once, according to the publication.

“This is likely the most sophisticated attack the world has seen to date in terms of the tactics and methods that cybercriminals have used to remain covert,” Chris Doggett, of Kaspersky’s Boston office, told the Times.

This is the biggest bank theft that has ever been seen by the world. We are waiting for the complete report from the Kaspersky so we can get a clear view of how this theft happened. But one thing is clear, there has never been anything like this before. No one has ever hacked into a bank servers and stole such a large sum of money.

The names of the banks has not came into light and no bank has released any statement that they are attacked by cyber criminals. Kaspersky didn’t revealed the full information about the attack and we are keeping a close eye on this developing story. No hacking group so far has accepted the responsibility of this attack.

The malware used by the hackers is dubbed as Carbanak. There are some reports from different sources that the amount may be much higher than the $100M. Because, the group only swiped $10 million at a time and some banks were targeted more than once.

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