Apple's new iMessage and Facetime authentication process makes it safer than ever

Apple Inc has change its verification process for users who are using Facetime and iMessage. Previously it was just a one step verification process where your Apple id password was required. But the new verification process is consists of two-steps which will make it very hard for the cyber criminals to gain access of the Apple users accounts. 

After the hacking scandal of some high profile female celebrities in 2014, which results in very personal images are hacked from their iCloud accounts Apple is taking some very bold steps to prevent any such attack in future.

Apple has already improved its iCloud security settings in wake of that scandal, which is also a two-factor authentication (2FA). It has helped in protecting photos, backups, and other personal data stored using Apple's cloud service, it didn't extend to some other commonly used Apple services.

Now the question is how will it two step verification process will prevent a possible hack? The answer is the Verification Code.  This means that by any chance a hacker got hold of your username and password he wont be able to access the account because because the user would be sent a 4-digit verification code to a selected device that would need to be used to authorize the new device.

The users who will setup their accounts with the new authentication process they will be provided a 14 digits recovers code. Which user is supposed to keep someplace safe or memorize it if he can. So, if his beloved apple device is lost or forgets his password of the account it will help the user towards regaining the access of his account.

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