World Most Devastating Hacking Groups

When ever a cyber attack report hits the media, it came with aname of group who accepted the responsibility of the attack. When ever a Cyber attack was planned there are many blackhat hackers who combined together to form a team to take down major organizations like Bank of America, JP Morgan and most recently Sony. These hacking groups are sometimes backed by the rival countries government and sometimes they work on their own. Being a Blackhat hacker is an addiction. Addiction of power, addiction of having world on your figure tips. This addiction drive these groups to do things that a common man can never think.

1. Anonymous

The first on our list is the group name “Anonymous”. The group came in existence in year 2004 and gained lot of publicity in the last decade or so.The group has taken down highly secured sites of FBI, Justice Department, the Motion Picture Association of America, and Universal Music Group.

The group has also attacked ‘Church of Scientology’ and posted the video of famous Hollywood star Tom Cruise where he was praising the religion. This group has also done some great acts for the society like taking down the child porn sites, taking down Cyber Criminal name Chris Forcand. There is no head of the chain in this group. The tagline of the group is “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

 2. Milworm

The second on the list is the group name Milworm.  In year 1998 this group gained the world attention when they hacked into the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai, the primary nuclear research facility of India. The group is labelled as hacktivists. The motto of the group is to Put the power back in the hands of people. The identities of the group members is atill unknown after all these years.  The group operates from the UK, US, Russia and Newzeland. After the BARC hack the group hacked into highly secure sites of FIFA World Cup, Drew Barrymore, Wimbledon,the Saudi Royal Family. And posted the messages about anti-nuclear world.

3. Syrian Electronic Army

The group was formed in 2011 and gained much publicity in the few years time. This is the first hacking group to openly launch Cyber attacks on the opponents. Group supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and has targeted the websites from western part of the world mostly of News and Human Rights groups. The SEA has made some high profile hacking attacks in last few years like, hacking the twitter accounts and publishing false news about U.S President. The group also taken down Viber Servers and also websites of New York Times, Huffington Post, The Sun, Forbes the list is endless. With no restrictions on them this group is going to raise hell on the Internet in coming years.

4. Network Crack Program Hacker Group

Network Crack Program Hacker Group is a Chinese hacking group formed in 1994. The group operates from the Zigong, China. The group gained the attention of Chinese authorities when they taken down almost half of the Hacker association websites in China. In 2006 the reports were that the group consist of 10 members and their leader named Wicked Rose worked for the Chinese agencies. The group gained world’s attention in 2007 when their leader was involved in the Cyber attack on the U.S Department of defense in 2006. There is no confirmed information about how much members are currently part of this group. 

5. UGNazi

This group is best known for leaking the governments secrets and hacking into the U.S Government websites. The group has taken down the sites of CIA, Department of Justice, MyBB, 4Chan and many other. In 2012 the group has crashed the servers of Twitter and the site was down for around 2 hours.The group has lost their member goes by the name Cosmo a 15 year old Blackhat. But it didn’t slowed them down the group taken down U.S. State Department and General Services Administration after his arrest.

6. Global Hell

Another blackhat group of hackers who has destroyed more than humdred websites on Internet including the highly secure servers like The White House, U.S Army, U.S Cellular, U.S Postal Service and Ameritech.There are around 60 hackers in this group from which 12 were prosecuted in 1999 for major cyber crime offenses. The member who were handed major sentences are Patrick W. Gregory, Chad Davis, Russell Sanford, Eric Burns and Bryce Case.

 7. LulzSec

This group was formed in 2011 and 11 members are currently active in LulzSec. The group has been involved in some of the high profile hacking activities in the recent years. This group has taken down some of the most powerful systems like Sony, Pictures in 2011 and has taken down CIA website. These hacking activities has given them the attention of International media and put them among the list of most devastating hacking groups in the world right now. Interesting thing about this group is that they do not hack into systems for profits, they take down highly secure systems just to cause chaos. The tagline of LulzSec says “Laughing at your security since 2011”. One things is for sure this group is not gonna stop anytime soon and there is still a lot to come from this group.

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