VoIP Hacking: Past, Present, Future and You!

VoIP technology does not need my words to prove its superiority
over traditional mode of communication. The edge that this technology
has, made it to become the number1 mode of communication, but at the
same time it increased the risk of data theft and hijacking. Your words,
your data and the past, present and future of hacking is matter but the
industry is quite reluctant to discuss VoIP hacking and its security.

Sep,24, 2014 we have seen a news where a man was sentenced to 10 years
in prison for stealing and then reselling more than 10 million minutes
of Internet phone service. There are so many other incidents out there,
on Oct,19,2014 phone hackers dial and redial to steal billions. VoIP
security can be costly if not addressed properly. PBX and VoIP hacking,
taken together, can lose companies a large amount of money. VoIP hacking
is like most other forms of hacking — if you don’t pay attention to
your security, you really will get what you deserve.

attack on VoIP network is the real threat that organizations are
facing, top management of any company worry about their meeting that
they done over IP telephony, the meeting, finalizing any deal,
coordination with other team and all of above data of future plans,
financial secrets and organizational secrets, etc. all of these
information are at risk.

Organizations are willing
to spend their $$$ to save their data and information but to whom they
should spend their money? There seems to be nobody or a specific group
of people who takes care of VoIP security and conduct penetration
testing; otherwise the infosec industry is quite reluctant to produce
more professionals for VoIP penetration testing. Hence the result is
market gap, where potential are not interested, not available of simply
they are not capable for VoIP environment.

The bad
news is that training is not something that we can get over a single
night. It takes time, effort and focus to learn and practice the art of VoIP penetration testing
to secure the VoIP environment at your work place. There are some
certification bodies who give certification but they are too costly and
most of the courses are outdated.

You are reading
this because somehow you are the part of Infosec industry and its time
for us to think about it, to think about the future of this industry;
what we have achieved so far and where the industry is heading towards?

at this time I am not willing to give my final words of what I am
thinking about the VoIP security and its future, I want you to consider
yourself in place and think about it. Its about you and the past,
present and future of VoIP hacking and its security.

Ehacking took an initiative to provide the world class VoIP Penetration Testing Training,
the course has been designed to create engineers having skills to
create VoIP network with server and phone configuration and the second
objective of the course is to teach everyone to conduct pen-testing on
VoIP environment. The course is available for FREE of cost.

Ehacking Staff
With more than 50 global partners, we are proud to count the world’s leading cybersecurity training provider. EH Academy is the brainchild of Ehacking, which has been involved in the field of training since the past Five years and continues to help in creating professional IT experts.

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