Nexpose Configuration in Kali Linux Tutorial

is the only vulnerability management solution to analyze
vulnerabilities, controls, and configurations to find the who, what,
and where of IT security risk. Nexpose, in addition to Metaploit, is
also the project of Rapid7. Some of the key usage of Nexpose are:

  • Scan your IPv4 and IPv6
    environments to discover your physical and virtual assets. Nexpose
    even discovers risk associated with IPv6 devices that may be enabled
    by default on your IPv4 environments.

  • Always know what assets
    you have, no matter their status.

  • Inventory and group
    assets into a variety of logical organizational categories. What
    happens when new assets are added or deleted? No problem. Your asset
    groups automatically and dynamically update.

  • Scan for current and
    emerging threats—including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and
    the impact of malware – and see how they connect to your

  • Enable stakeholders to
    manage just the assets they own and only see what matters to them.

  • Prioritize threats based
    on potential risk, so you can address what’s most dangerous first.

  • Assess the potential
    risks identified by Nexpose scans and cross-check with available
    exploits and malware kits.

  • Validate vulnerabilities
    and their risk based on what’s actually exploitable in your

  • Keep track of your
    security program effectiveness with powerful executive and trending

  • Measure and streamline
    your internal security operations for optimal effectiveness.

  • Prioritize your
    resources by impact on your specific environment and threat

  • Develop a clear plan and
    route of the most impactful actions.

There are multiple editions
of nexpose are available including the community version for
individual user, the community version can scan up to 32 IP addresses
and many other features are also there.

Nexpose Configuration
on Kali Linux

Ehacking have been asked to
create Nexpose configuration tutorial on Kali Linux by many users,
upon investigation we have found that people are facing problem with
the installation. Despite the fact that problem was fixed by vendor
itself, here are the quick steps that required to install nexpose in
Kali Linux.

  • On the first step,
    download the community version from Rapid7 website

  • Get the activation
    code via your email

  • Open the terminal
    and locate the directory where you have download the Nexpose before

  • Make the program
    executable and then start the installation process by using
    following commands:

chmod +x nexpose.bin


  • Follow the simple steps,
    enter username and password

  • Everything simple, just
    like the installation of any other basic software

  • When you are finished
    with installation, all you need to do is to locate the Nexpose
    directory and execute the command to run it via console.

  • Be patients, it takes
    time to download and configure the plugins from rapid7 website. Let
    the software to perform its intended job and then you need to run
    nexpose by using the following local address:


After getting all the plugins installed, open the localhost on your favorite browser. Use the created username and password and you are in. 

That is it, the vulnerability scanning process will be discussed in later issue 

Ehacking Staff
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