Most Influential Women in Infosec Around The Globe

Infosec (Information security) is a field dominated by the men around the world. A rough idea is only 10 to 15 percent Female infosec are active in the world right now. Here we screened out some of the Top females from the field of Information security and rank them according to their skills in the world of Infosec.


At the top of our list is Jennifer Leggio, she is from Austin,Texas. She is the worlds most known Infosec women right now. She worked with ZDNET and Forbes tech contributor. She is a hockey lover. 

A. Sandvik

The second on the list is Runa
A. Sandvik a well known Computer and Network security analyst. She completed her education from
Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Right now she is the technical advisor at Freedom of Press Foundation, Forbes and TrueCrypr Audit project.She lives in Washington DC, from where she share all the security and privacy researches with her twitter followers.

 Erin Jacobs (SecBarbie)    

SecBarbie got the third spot in the most influential women in Infosec in the world right now. ‘SecBarbie’ is basically the social media name, and the name by which ‘Erin Jacobs’ is known in the world of Infosec. She is the partner at Urbane Security and lives in Chicago, USA. After founding the Urban Security Erin Jacobs Spend most of the past 10 years concentrating on the operations of
mid-sized global businesses and their unique security and technology


Katie Moussouris is an Ex-Hacker and its pretty unique thing how she entered the Infosec industry.  Right now she is the Chief Policy Officer at HackerOne. Prior to her assosiation with she worked at Microsoft and Symantec, where her work encompassed
industry-leading initiatives, such as Microsoft’s bounty programs,
BlueHat conference content chair, security researcher outreach,
Vulnerability Disclosure Policies and MSVR (Microsoft Vulnerability
Research). She also founded Symantec Vulnerability Research (SVR). She
now serves as a subject matter expert for the U.S. She is one of the well known women in the infosec industry who now works as a security researcher to make internet safer for the world.


Another influential women in the infosec industry is Elinor Mills. She lives in San Francisco Vice President of Content and Media Strategy for Bateman Group. She was previously associated with the CNET with work on Internet Security and Privacy she made her name in the industry. Because of her outstanding work in the field of Information Security she gained the no.5 spot in our list.


Aloria is the Tumblr security engineer got the 6th spot. She is from Brooklyn and she provides her followers all the tips of how to be secure on the internet. She is ambitious and talented. We wont be surprised if she claimed in the ranking in the coming years. 


Another well known women in the world of Infosec Jennifer
Minella grabbed the 7th spot in our list. Perhaps one of the most beautiful Infosec in the world right now
Minella is the former Ballroom Dance. Now she is the VP of
of Engineering & consulting CISO at Carolina Advanced Digital. She completed her education from North Carolina State University in computer and network security. She also write on Enterprise network security on


is from Austin,Texas and the founder of Bulb Security.
Prior to this she worked as an Security analyst in the companies like
IBM, Gemini Security Solution, Neohapsis. She completed her education in
Computer and network security from James Madison University. She
provides security trainings, services and solution on Bulb Security. She
is one of the well known name in the industry right now.


Cheri Sigmon is one of the top infosec in the industry right now. Cheri’s profile speaks for herself. She is the Senior Cyber security Manager at A Federal Agency. She is also the member of The National Association of Professional Women, NAPW. Cheri completed her education from Webster University. She also looks after the Cyber security of various departments of U.S Government. 


Ehacking Staff
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