Most Famous Hackers of all Time

The hacking now a days became a very cool career in the eyes of the young generation. With the biggest companies like Sony, JP Morgan, Yahoo, CNN. NewYork Times, Ebay all hacked in the past even with their millions of dollars investment on securing their Websites. The Hackers in the peoples eyes are the most coolest persons on the planet.

There are two type of Hackers, first are Black Hat and the second are White Hat hackers. The Black Hat hackers are known for the utilization of the skills for the bad purposes, also dubbed as Cyber Criminals. While the White Hat hackers are known for the utilization of skills for good purposes.These hackers test the companies to test the integrity of their systems. They are also known as Ethical Hackers

Here were look at some of the most talented and famous hackers that the world has ever seen. We ranked them according to their skills and talent.

1. Jonathan James

Jonathan James came into light when he became the first juvenile to be sent to jail for Cyber Crimes. Jonathan was born on 12 dec 1983 and died at the age of only 24 in 2008. Jonathan was first arrested at the young age of 15. When he was sentenced for his crime his age was only 16. He committed many serious cyber crimes in year 1999 but his most famous one is on Defense Threat Reduction Agency, when he installed a backdoor in the agency’s server.

Defense Threat Reduction Agency comes under the U.S defense department it analyzes the threats that the country could face from inside and outside. Jonathan seen very confidential documents through the backdoor he installed in the server of  Defense Threat Reduction Agency.
James other major cyber crime include the NASA hack, He hacked in the NASA systems and stole the software worth around $1.7 Million. That forces NASA to shut down its operations and systems ultimately raking up a $41000 cost. James is the pioneer of Hacking in the U.S he was naturally gifted and god knows if he had chosen the right path maybe he could end up like some great geniuses world has ever seen.

2. Adrian Lamo

Adrian is known for his security breaches of well known organizations like Microsoft and New York Times. He was born on 20 Feb 1981. Because of his tactics of using internet connections of Libraries, coffee shops and other restaurants he is dubbed as the “Homeless Hacker”.

Lamo’s intrusions consisted mainly of penetration testing, in which he found flaws in security, exploited them and then informed companies of their shortcomings. Citigroup, Bank of America, Yahoo are among the high profile organizations that suffered the hit of Adrian attacks.

When Adrian Lamo hacked the New York Times server things get serious because he viewed the personal information on contributors. Because of this he was fined $65000 approximately and sentenced 6 months of home containment. He also spend the 2 years from sentence on payroll. Whatever you say about this guy he is definitely one of the most talented Hackers alive today. 

3. Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon is an Scottish national born in 10 Feb 1966. In 2002 Gary McKinnon was accused of the biggest military hack of all time. An message appear on the screens of the US Army computers that says ‘your security system is a crap’ and it further read ‘I am Solo. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels’. The authorities later find out that this is the work of an Scottish system administrator name Gary McKinnon.

 Gary McKinnon is accused of hacking into US systems and NASA computers while using his cyber criminal name ‘Solo’. He was performing the cyber crimes from his girlfriends aunt’s network from her home. These activities took place from 2001 to 2002. He was questioned by various countries authorities after his attacks and his computer was detained.  Since then he is appearing in courts to defend himself till 2012.

4. George Hotz

George Hotz is an American who was born in 2nd Oct 1989. He was known for unlocking the iPhone’s so the other carriers can be used in them around the world. He is the one who developed the jailbreak tool and bootroom exploits on Apple’s iOS. But when he jailbreak the Sony PlayStation 3 he gained everyone’s attention, that resulted in company suing him. In a stated retaliation to Sony’s gap of the unstated rules of jail breaking – never prosecute – the hacker group Anonymous attacked Sony in what would be the dubbed as the most costly security break of all time to date. Hotz deny any connection with this attack.

5. Michael Calce

Michael Calce also known as Mafia boy has taken down some biggest commercial sites such as Fifa.com, Yahoo, Amazon,Dell, eBay,CNN. All these sites had been taken down in year 2000. At that time Yahoo was still the world largest search engine and because of his attack the site is shut down for around an hour. Calce a.k.a Mafia Boy took down these sites to establish the dominance of his Cyber group (TNT) and also for his own accomplishment. Calce was arrested for his attacks and sentenced 8 months in open custody and a year on probation. Calce was also had a restricted use of internet according to the courts orders. He is one of the most dangerous hackers that the world had seen in the last decade.

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