Greatest Hacking Movies of All Time

Blackhat hit the theaters this week and with some high profile hacking attacks on the biggest corporations like Sony the movie became one of the most anticipated movies of this decade. Some are suggesting that this movie will bring some of the hacking realism to the Hollywood.

But this is not the first time that a Hacking movie is gonna hit the theaters. There are a big list of movies and we choose some of the greatest movies ever made on Cyber Crimes. which gave the audience an idea of how destructive force the hackers can be. Here is our list of the Greatest hacking movies.

1. The Italian Job

This is the first ever movie that gave the idea of how the Hackers can use the skills to manipulate the police and stay away from the prison. The movie was released in 1969 but still considered as one of the great movies of all time. The movie shows how the hackers planned to control the traffic signals to escape the cops and with the gold they stole. This movie success inspired the remake in 2003 with the same name and the remake didn’t disappoint either.

2.War Games

The movie came in 1983, it was based on American Cold war. A young hacker hacked into the U.S military super computer and access the secret data that describes the outcome of the Nuclear War. The movie was a big success on Box office and made millions. Critics rate this one of the best movies of the decade.

3. Sneakers

The movie is based on two hackers who hacked into the computers networks using their University computers. The police arrested one of them and the other became fugitive. The movie is an epic thriller, involving CIA, conspiracy theories and cyber crimes. The sneakers was released back in 1992 but still audience remember it as one of the all time greatest movies made on hacking.

4. Sword Fish

Sword Fish is the most interesting hacking movie ever made. The movie is the combination of Hacking antics and action which grabbed the audiences attention. Hugh Jackman played the role of a blackhat hacker who worked for the John Travolta. John Travolta mastermind to hack into the Bank of America and steal the CIA’s dirty money which was in the bank for many years. The movie gained huge success in box office. It was an absolute thriller with an idea of how the hackers can be useful when you are planning a Bank robbery. Even if you are an action movie fan this movie will not disappoint you.

5. Hackers

The movie starring Angelina Jolie is released in 1995. The story involves the group of young hackers and their hacking antics. The movie was released when internet is not a big thing like today, but still the movie performs really well on box office. Movie shows how a young hacker created chaos on wall street when he crashed 1500 computers. FBI arrested the hacker and banned him for using the computers till he is 18. After seven years of his antics that created chaos, he combined with his friends to bring some more chaos in the internet world. The movie is an absolute Thriller and provides audience the great idea of how the Hackers can take down the system. 

6. Live Free or Die Hard 

The Die hard franchise has been known for its action pack movies but in 2007 they bring the group of Balckhat hackers who were trying to destroy the U.S economy through their hacking skills. The movie its entirely based on hacking with action of Bruce Wills. Justin Long played the role of a young genius Hacker who will try to outsmart the group of Cyber criminals who are behind all this chaos. The movie is a must watch and provides audience the idea of how the Cyber criminals can ruin a country in today’s times when the Internet is used in every part of life.

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