Detekt to Resist Government Surveillance

has been well documented that governments are using surveillance
technology to target human rights defenders, journalists, NGOs,
political opponents, religious or ethnic minorities and to conduct
countrywide surveillance.

recent years we have witnessed a huge growth in the adoption and
trade in communication surveillance technologies. Such spyware
provides the ability to read personal emails, listen-in skype
conversations or even remotely turn on a computers camera and
microphone without its owner knowing about it.

of this software is widely available on the Internet, while some more
sophisticated alternatives are made and sold by private companies
based in industrialized countries to state law enforcement and
intelligence agencies in countries across the world. 

is little to no regulation currently in place to safeguard against
these technologies being sold or used by repressive governments or
others who are likely to use them for serious human rights violations
and abuses.

What is Detekt?

is a free tool that scans your Windows computer for traces of
FinFisher and Hacking Team RCS, commercial surveillance spyware that
has been identified to be also used to target and monitor human
rights defenders and journalists around the world.

you suspect you are at risk of targeted surveillance you should
always seek and follow security advice to ensure you protect yourself
and others in your digital communications. 

is important to underline that if Detekt does not find trace of
spyware on a computer, it does not necessarily mean that none is
present. Some spyware will likely be updated in response to the
release of Detekt in order to avoid detection. In addition, there may
be existing versions of spyware, from these or other providers, which
are not detected by this tool.

detekt from github

Is Detekt for me?

you suspect that your work or activities put you at risk of targeted
surveillance you may wish to use Detekt to scan your computer for
traces of known spyware.

How Does it

launching the tool, close all applications and make sure the computer
is disconnected from the Internet. if spyware is detected, you should
not reconnect the computer to the Internet again until it has been
cleaned. We recommend that you disable your Antivirus software to
prevent possible interference or false positives.

Get the complete tutorial from the official website.

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