Sony Playstation is now Online after LizardPatrol claim for Disconnection

 The Sony PlayStation Network is back online after suffering intermittent outages on Monday, claimed to have been caused by attackers.

A group that’s become known for overloading gaming sites with traffic claimed responsibility for the outages, which affected Sony’s PlayStation Network on Sunday evening for US users.

As users began reporting troubles logging in to the service, people behind the Twitter account @lizardpatrol claimed credit for the attack, posting the message “PSN Login #offline #LizardSquad”.

Sony’s PlayStation status page indicated the site was suffering “intermittent” problems and the unit’s support team later clarified on Twitter that it was “aware that users are having issues connecting to PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate”.

Almost nine hours after the attack, the site appears to be back up and running again.

LizardSquad has gained a reputation for taking down gaming sites, last week claiming responsibility for an outage on Microsoft’s Xbox Live service.

The group also claimed responsibility for a denial of service attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network this August, prompting a blog post from the company saying that users’ personal data was safe.

Sony bulked up on security after its massive 2011 PlayStation Network breach which exposed personal and financial information of 77 million users.

The latest attack on Sony property follows an attack earlier this month on Sony Pictures.

A group calling itself the Guardians of Peach have claimed responsibility for the breach, which has so far resulted in the exposure of personal information on about 47,000 individuals including celebrities.

A handful of recently released films have also been leaked since the attack.

Sony’s first comments regarding the devastating attack, said that the attack is unprecedented in nature and it is an Organized crime. FBI is investigating that are there any links between the attack and North Korea. Investigators also didn’t ruled out the possibility of the Sony employee involved in this attack. 

North Korea has denied any connections with the Lizard Patrol the group who claim that they are behind the devastating attack. Many Sony employees received threatening Emails after the Sony attack FBI has confirmed the news. The emailed threats say in part: “Many things beyond imagination will
happen at many places of the world. Please sign your name to object
the false of the company at the email address below if you don’t want to
suffer damage. If you don’t, not only you but your family will be in
danger.” The text of the email was first reported by Variety

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