Face Recognition: Who’s Watching & Why?

Face recognition technology is the
least intrusive and fastest biometric technology. It works with the
most obvious individual identifier – the human face. Facial
recognition analyzes the characteristics of a person’s face images
input through a digital video camera. It measures the overall facial
structure, including distances between eyes, nose, mouth, and jaw
edges. These measurements are retained in a database and used as a

A newly emerging trend, claimed to
achieve improved accuracies, is three-dimensional face recognition.
This technique uses 3D sensors to capture information about the shape
of a face. This information is then used to identify distinctive
features on the surface of a face, such as the contour of the eye
sockets, nose, and chin.
In this era of information and
technology, many Govt & private organizations are maintaining
their database consists of individual identification including facial
identification; so why they are watching you and who are they?
Whether it is the matter of privacy invasion or not but you should
aware of those organizations who know a lot about you.

Face Recognition: Who’s Watching & Why?

Face Recognition: Who’s Watching & Why? [Infographic] by the team at Who Is Hosting This

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