Becoming a Hacker – Intangible Skills

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }How to become a hacker has created a
buzz among IT security students and professionals, people have
selected ehacking.net (via email, comment, Tweets etc.) as their
mentor and we will surely help you out till time. In the previous
episode of this series, we have discussed the objective of this
guide, education and skills that required and the method to become
the master; and in this episode we will take a look into
philosophical & Psychological side of a Penetration tester.

You might be thinking that hacking
process has nothing to do with philosophy & psychology but
believe me it has; apart from the technical skills,the success of any
hacking attack is also depends on the psyche of the attacker. 

Intangible Skills

“Focus” is the key to get success
in every aspect of life, be focused on what you want to achieve. Let’s
consider an example, you want to find a vulnerability in Facebook;
you tried your level best, you were trying to achieve the objective
but you failed. The word failure shows your weakness, so please hide
it or destroy it; you can’t fail until you keep trying.
“You only fail when you accept your
defeat” The foremost skill to become a penetration tester is
never ever give-up and be focused in achieving your objective. If you
will be able to develop this skill then take my word, “nobody can
stop you to become a hacker/IT security expert”. Let’s get back to
the example; finding a vulnerability in Facebook takes time,
patience, persistence, attention and believe me it is possible. Keep
try until and unless you will get success, the same suggestion for
this guide too; don’t show impatience, read and implement. Are you
developing the skills discussed in the first episode ? Have the mentor
been selected yet ? Are you trying to become (focus) a hacker ? We
have discussed many important points so far that could lead you to
get the success, if you can understand these points.

Attitude, Values,

Winning, success and achieving the
objective are all the attitude of a hacker mindset; the value is to
care and learn. Learning is very essential, you need to learn new
skills, latest technology and everything, make reading your habit.
Limited resources and unlimited wants;
in hacking culture you have to believe that everything is possible,
you yes you, the master of your own. Increase your capacity of
learning, develop problem solving skills; start with basic
mathematics, move to algorithm, functions and so on. Remember
resources are limited but your wants are unlimited you need to
fulfill your wants either by limiting your needs (not recommending)
or increasing your capacity (highly recommended).
Don’t ever indulge yourself in the
repetitive tasks which you will soon find boring, your attitude
should show that you are creative; because you have the creativity to
understand the working and process of everything and yes you can make
amendment to enhance or destruct the system (this is your attitude).

Freedom &

You need freedom, you want freedom and
you love freedom; act this and demonstrate this. You are competent
and you need to prove it; select your benchmark, work and achieve
higher than this, judge and rate yourself. Make yourself prepared for
the real competition, you should not afraid of competition; you are
creative, you are competent (this is your value, and you have to
prove). Develop and sharpen your core competency, your core
competency is the one you do best and nobody can beat you. Make this
world to believe in you by showing your competency, and you will
become the mentor of many.


Lets close another chapter, I need your
feedback; also I need to know how are you performing, are you getting
the right direction ? Share your words.
Incorporate the aforementioned skills
in your daily life, if you just read and forget then you will achieve
nothing; as discussed be focused, learn and implement. In the next
article we will discuss the technical skills that required to become
a hacker/information security professional.

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