Creating an iOS Application Using Wordpress

With a whole lot of room for incessant innovation in Wordpress, the web development community is consistently striving to make WP spread its wings further.

And this is where the concept of using Wordpress to create mobile apps comes into existence. Yes, there are plugins and granted, they are great, but if you are willing to compromise control and let the third party tools dictate terms, you might as well go ahead with the likes of AppPresser and Mobiloud. 

But, when being in the driver's seat is on your agenda, segue on to the following partially plugin-assisted ways to create iOS apps using Wordpress:

Build a Web Application Theme that Stays True to the Most Basic Strictures


There is a standard conceptualization (or should I say conceptual standardization?) of mobile apps – a mobile app is the one that runs and appears great on a mobile device. Though, this hardly covers the native app concepts that exist at the very fibre of mobile apps of all sorts. 

What needs to be clearly understood is whether the guy who is buying your app to sell it to his customers considers the standard web app as the iOS app he is expecting you to roll out. If that indeed is the case, you have your task cut out (it hardly is a task) – just code a theme that will let your content be displayed on a Smartphone screen in a manner most clean and clutter-free. 

OR, you can use PhoneGap with technologies like CSS, JavaScript and HTML to create a shell application. Accompanying it, you will need a browser that shouldn't display an address bar and something that leads to the app you have created. The final app you have through this method may not be something you would be immensely proud of, but you have just created your first mobile app using few web technologies, that alone is worth the price of admission. However, if that doesn't please you enough, there are more ways to follow:

Wordpress Will Collect Data for You. Now Input the Same to an App Generator


Here is how it goes like:

To begin with, you create a custom posts on the Wordpress CMS. The custom fields are then to be placed to where they belong. You can then move on to creating a custom plugin that would lend a sense of structure to the whole setup of data. And then, the app generators come into play. Using these app generators, you have the wherewithal to compile the apps with their own compilers. The data from Wordpress can then be fed using the URLs – which can either be done using plugins or via the Wordpress XML-RPC - and creating apps becomes a task much feasible following that.

Wordpress Will Collect Data for You. Now, Create the iPad side of things Natively


Well, if you don't have a whole lot of idea about this one, you have the option of branching out to a development company that has the expertise to blend the Wordpress strategy with the mobile technology in the most seamless and effective fashion and thus create exceptional native apps. 

All said and done, there are a bunch of things that ned to be off the deck before you swing-start the development process. Coalescing data from the Wordpress URLs has to be done in a precise manner you must be appropriately equipped to handle the responses. The UI operations also have to be handled with utmost care and not to mention, do steer clear of all the possible oversights.

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