Chinese man charged with hacking into US fighter jet plans

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A Chinese businessman charged with
hacking computer systems of U.S. companies with defence contracts
remains in custody in Canada. US authorities have charged a Chinese
businessman with hacking into the computer systems of companies with
large defence contracts, including Boeing, to steal data on military
projects including some of the latest fighter jets, according to

Su Bin worked with two unnamed Chinese hackers to get the data
between 2009 and 2013, then attempted to sell some of the information
to state-owned Chinese companies, prosecutors said.

The three hackers targeted fighter jets such as the F-22 and the
F-35 as well as Boeing’s C-17 military cargo aircraft programme,
according to a criminal complaint filed in US district court in Los
Angeles that was unsealed on Thursday. An attorney for Su could not
be reached for comment.

U.S. Department of Justice spokesman
Marc Raimondi said the conspirators are alleged to have stolen data
related to military aircraft and weapons systems.

Accusations of hacking by China and
counterclaims of such activity by the U.S. government have strained
U.S.-Chinese relations. Chinese hacking has been a major theme of
U.S.-China discussions this week in Beijing, though both sides have
publicly steered clear of the controversy.


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