Any Keylogger for MAC

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At times, we need a tool to remotely
monitor activities of a computer user; this user might be your
friend, loved ones, children and even colleagues. Whatever the
objectives you have in your mind but you always look for the
effective solution, and specially for the MAC operating system; it
becomes harder to achieve the objectives. However, AnyKeylogger for MAC is one of the most effective and efficient solution to monitor
activities of a MAC user remotely.

The above statement regarding Anykeylogger for MAC is a result of its performance. Any Keylogger for Mac OS X, as one of simple but
effective keylogger for Mac OS X, can log all activities on Mac and
able to send the logs to email address to help you remotely master
your computer’s activities. Any Keylogger for Mac has 6 major feature
which is basic but enough to monitor your Mac’s activities.
Besides, Any Keylogger for Mac run
stealthily on the background of the Mac so that other people who can
access the computer can’t randomly change the settings of the
software or even close the software.
With simple interface and effective
monitoring features, Any Keylogger for Mac has won a number of Mac
users and awards. Any Keylogger for Mac is a good solution to Mac
activity monitoring. 

Key Features

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Take Screenshots

screenshots based on time interval
  • Capture screenshots based on the
    time interval
  • Capture screenshot when website is
    visited to save memory
  • Take screenshots in secret mode
Record Browsed
Sites History

Record browsed sites history with detailed
  • Record visited sites’ URLs
  • Record visited time and websites’
  • Record in stealth mode

Record user name and password of
applications and all typed contents on websites except website
  • Record keystrokes struck on
  • Record installation path and name
    of program where keystrokes are struck on
Record Program

Record all programs or applications launched on
the computer with relevant information
  • Track launched programs or
    applications running time
  • Track programs or applications
    installation path
Send The Logs Via

Collect logs of the Mac and then send them to target
email address
  • Send logs via email (only support
  • Do (not) send screenshots when
    sending logs
  • Automatically delete logs based on
    time interval
Run in stealth

Run in stealth mode without detection by the monitored
computer users
  • Activated by hotkey
  • Totally invisible in Add/Remove
    program list, installation files, task manager, Startup menu
Anykeylogger for MAC play a vital role
for employee monitoring and parental control, as an employer you can
take record of your employee activities and obviously as a parent you
can observe the activities of your children and help them to grow
with a positive mindset. Download any keylogger for MAC and don’t
forget to share your experience with us.
Ehacking Staff
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