EC-Council got Hacked - An Analysis
Eccouncil the accreditation body (self-claim) that provides certification to turn a hacker into professional penetration tester, got hacked. Yes you have read it right, the organization who gives CEH (certified ethical hacking) and other certificates got hacked. I am not going to criticize their certification or even the business model because this is not the right time but don't worry we will discuss their inside out later; at the time of writing if you visit their website then you will get the following image and message.

You can perform reverse analysis to get the idea of who did it. At the end of this activity so many questions and concerns can be raised, or even many people including professionals going to put their finger on eccouncil. How can we trust their certification holders if the provider is not secure ? Or the provide don't even know how to make their-self secure.

Yes, the competitors going to cash out the situation, let see how eccouncil will handle the situation and release a statement.

Your take, what do you think about it ? Let us know as you know there is a comment box, are you with eccouncil ?
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