Your Apps are Spying on You – Edward Snowden

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report published in The New York Times, The Guardian, and ProPublica
claims that Angry Birds and Google Maps are being used as a spying
tool to collect user information. This claim has made on the basis of
documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Report claims that National
Security Agency (NSA) of U.S.A and Britain’s Government
Communications Headquarter (GCHQ) were cooperating to each other by
2007 in order to collect user information from smart phone Apps.

agencies have traded methods for collecting location data from a user
of Google Maps and for gathering address books, buddy lists, phone
logs and geographic data embedded in photos when a user posts to the
mobile versions of Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter and other
services, the Times said.
NSA and GCHQ are able to tap into that metadat to collect a wealth of
key data points about a person’s life, including age, gender,
marital status (“Options include single, married, divorced, swinger
and more,”
The Guardian said),
income, education level and more.
Birds maker Rovio said it had no knowledge of any NSA or GCHQ
programs or mechanisms for tapping into its users’ data.

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