Top 10 Call and SMS Blocker for Android

Android phones are becoming much popular these days. There
are number of useful android applications that are proving much productive for
android users. It allows you to configure multi rules to block different call
or message at different time. If you get a lot of wrong calls that irritate you
then you must have a call blocker application installed on your android phone.

Call SMS

Rated: 4.6

(Google Store Free)

Unique inbuilt intelligence in the app to AUTOMATICALLY
block spam & harmful SMS and not to block important messages. This SMS spam
blocker is Super-Smart!
☆ Call blocker & MMS blocker included
☆ Block SMS based on number/phrase, content word or even by Series
☆ See blocked SMS in ‘Logs’ with option to move to Inbox
☆ Export ‘Logs’ in Notepad format
☆ Fully customizable. Create your blocking/allowing preferences as you
☆ Seamless Integration with phonebook, SMS inbox
☆ Most superior performance

SMS and
Call Blocker Plugin

Rated: 4.6

(Google Store Free)

Plugin for Hide it Pro application, which
enables you to have private conversations i.e. Hides SMS and Call Logs.
1.) Call Blocker (incoming and/or outgoing)
2.) Private SMS conversations
3.) Disguised incoming SMS/Missed Call notifications
4.) Super Secret there is no icon in the home drawer, works from inside hide it
pro app.
5.) Super simple and easy to use.

call and sms blocker

Rated: 4.5

(Google Store Free)

aFirewall means Android Firewall. It
allows you to configure multi rules to block different call or message at
different time. Periodic rule and one shot time rule are supported.
—aFirewall basics—
☆ To make sure aFirewall has higher
priority to monitor incoming messages, please install aFirewall before other
third-party messaging applications such Go SMS Pro, Hand cent etc.
☆ Black list is the default list to be blocked. By default, you only
need to put the number into black list if you want to block it; Check on
“Unknown and private” in black list to block
unknown/private/restricted/anonymous calls;
☆ Number in protected list will never be blocked; Protected
conversation supports to hide protected list numbers’ call/SMS/MMS;

Guard-SMS & Call Blocker

Rated: 4.4

(Google Store)

With Call Guard (call blocker) you can
block calls and block SMS (block text messages – incoming only), block MMS or
block outgoing calls for a small onetime fee-no subscriptions, no monthly fees!
No ROOT required!
Don’t pay a monthly fee to have your wireless provider enable call blocker and
sms block for you, with our small app you pay one time and receive the best app
on the market for blocking Calls, SMS or MMS!

Call Control
– Call Blocker

Rated: 4.4

(Google Store Free)

Community powered call and text message blocking.
Call Control is full featured, super easy to use and is trusted by more than 5M
users to block unwanted calls and texts. With Call Control – your phone only
rings when you want it to.
– Automatically blocks thousands of active spam callers
reported by the community.
– Community Blacklist stops telemarketers, debt collectors and other spam calls
before they bother you.
– Personal Blacklist lets you block any phone number or area code (3 entry
limit in Lite version)
– Reverse lookup for spam callers to find out who’s calling (and it’s free).
– Powered by the FCC Do Not Call Registry – blocks reported offenders

Number-Block calls, texts

Rated: 4.3

(Google Store Free)

Mr. Number makes it easy to block calls and texts, reverse
lookup phone numbers and get more info about US businesses that call your
mobile phone.
– Block calls and texts from one person, an area code or the
entire world
– Stop telemarketers and debt collectors before they waste your time
– Automatically intercept calls and texts from private/unknown numbers
– Report spam calls, SMS, and MMS to warn other users
– Reverse lookup mobile and landline numbers.

Call and SMS
Easy Blocker

Rated: 4.3

(Google Store Free)

Call and SMS Easy Blocker is the most efficient call
blocking app for Android to block disturbing calls & SMS. This app blocks
unwanted SMS and calls from blacklist and also private numbers which most of
time come from different advertisement agencies. You can hang up on the caller
or just mute call. Say goodbye to annoying and unwanted phone calls and texts.
– Block unwanted/spam calls and text messages
– Block private & unknown callers
– Call waiting block support
– Blocked SMS will be erased before received
– You can easily monitor blocked calls/SMS from the blocked log
– Blacklist and blocked log backup facilities
– Easy to use.


Rated: 4.2

(Google Store Free)

A must have on your New Year app list–
Call Blocker, to block unwanted calls and have a Peaceful New Year!
The latest Call Blocker with Premium features will be a good call filter just
for you. We now support Chinese, English, German, French, Portugal and Spanish.
Have you ever wondered how to block those annoyed phone calls, or quickly back
up your massive contact lists or just protect your privacy by not letting
others see your phone call history or SMS?
Now Call Blocker Can Help!
Call Blocker blocks unwanted calls now and protect your privacy. Now with
better developed features, you don’t have to worry about privacy leakage.
Protect your private info 24×7.

Call Blocker
X Block Calls SMS

Rated: 4.1

(Google Store Free)

Location based Advanced Call Blocker, block calls and SMS,
block unknown call and private numbers. Best apps for the android phone call
blocking. Now block call with one of the best Call Blocker apps for the android
phone, Call Blocker X identifies your location where you don’t wish to attend
the calls. The best feature is its usability and minimum consumption of
battery. Geo-location for unknown user. Work excellent on Gingerbread, Ice
Cream Sandwich ics and Jelly Bean. Tested on Lg, HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericson
Devices.LG OPTIMUS fixed. Caller location for all business phone from USA
United States America, United Kingdom, all caller from India supported.

Block SMS
& Call

Rated: 3.9

(Google Store Free)

SriSeshaa’s SMS & Call blocker is a simple yet powerful
tool that helps users to protect themselves from unwanted text messages and
phone calls.
You can block a number from recent call logs, Contacts or directly block an
unwanted number.
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