Top 10 Antivirus for MAC

The Mac is not immuned to viruses, the fact is that no
complete viruses spread for Mac. Everytime a new thread or a new virus came up,
it was fixed by the Apple updates, so we fell pretty safe. The problem starts
with, downloads, email software and running windows in parallel of osx. So to
be on the safe side, if you are not an expert and able to know when your
computer is acting infected you should install an anti virus.


Kromtech’s vision for Mac antivirus is deep and wide, and it
elevates the concept of security software to a new level of excellence. While
Apple antivirus competitors confine their attention to malware, Kromtech’s
MacKeeper goes beyond the status quo with oodles of security features. MacKeep
has lots of features that seem so obvious to include in Mac security software
that we wonder why nobody else thought of it.

Avast Free

Avast Free Antivirus for Mac is Avast’s answer to concerns
about how to browse safely. Antivirus for Mac is a nice addition to your Mac
toolbox. The application is packaged with a brand-new, easy-to-understand
graphical user interface, with access to all features available at single
click. It’s free and very easy to use.

Cybersecurity 2013

Viruses are computer
programs that can replicate and spread themselves to multiple computers. Mac is
a safe platform with a strong security record, but Mac viruses and other cyber
attacks still pose an ongoing threat. ESET goes after viruses, worms and spyware.
ESET Cyber Security protects you from these threats so you can explore the web
with confidence.


Bitdefender Virus
Scanner finds Mac malware as well as Windows viruses with ease. With the rise
in malware that targets the Mac platform, more and more Mac users are seeking
antivirus protection.
Searches for malware even in archives, various other file
types. i.e. pdf, pkg, zip, rar etc. Quick scan! Fast scan system areas that are
prone to infections.

F-Secure Antivirus

F-Secure Anti-Virus
provides real-time protection against spyware, viruses, infected e-mail
attachments and other malware.
This application is designed to catch known and
unknown threats that may be lurking on your computer.
Automatic updates and
advanced real-time response guarantee the fastest protection against all new
threats, while Deep Guard 5 Exploit Protection elevates your protection to a
new level.


ProtectMac AntiVirus
is a security product for Mac OS X, designed to keep you safe from viruses,
worms, Trojans and spyware. All activity can be logged to a text file, which
can be automatically archived at regular intervals to provide a library of past
events on disk. It uses many different techniques to detect malicious software
on your Mac, complimented by an updating system that automatically delivers and
installs incremental updates in the background to ensure that you stay on top
of any security problem.


Norton AntiVirus for
Mac gives you the power to keep your Mac—and your stuff—safe from the newest,
late-breaking threats. It is updated at least once a day for better protection
for your Mac and your stuff. Norton AntiVirus for Mac® is Symantec’s
top-selling security product for Macintosh computers, including protection
against the latest online threats such as viruses, spyware, software
vulnerability attacks and more. Norton AntiVirus for Mac detects and eliminates
new threats that try to exploit vulnerabilities in applications and software on
your Mac.


With more and more
people using Macs and other Apple devices, there’s been a rapid growth in the
volume of Mac malware and the number of cybercriminals that are targeting Mac
users – to steal their data, identities and money. Real-time protection against
Mac, PC and Linux malware Protection against phishing and malicious websites
new! Parental Control to keep your children safe. Choosing a simple antivirus
product isn’t enough to keep you, your children and your sensitive information

Mac Internet Security 2013

You’re not immune to
network attacks and malware just because you use a Mac.  There are people working day and night to
compromise your network, steal personal information and develop malware and
viruses that can wreak havoc on your computer and files. Protect against all
these threats with Mac Antivirus software from Intego Mac Internet Security

Internet Security for Mac 2013

Trend Micro Titanium
Internet Security 2013. This “titanium” security suite doesn’t let anything get
through—in our tests, it earned excellent marks in just about every category.
It also has a fairly user-friendly interface and a quick installation process,
which makes it an all-around great pick.
Protection against threats on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter
Warnings about dangerous links shared through email, IM and
web searches
The fastest protection against new web threats*
The best phishing detection rates*
Unique cloud-based protection

Trend Micro helps you
enjoy your digital life safely.
Ehacking Staff
With more than 50 global partners, we are proud to count the world’s leading cybersecurity training provider. EH Academy is the brainchild of Ehacking, which has been involved in the field of training since the past Five years and continues to help in creating professional IT experts.

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