Anonymous Hacked MIT on Anniversary of Aaron Swartz Suicide
WE NEVER FORGET, WE NEVER SURRENDER, EXPECT US” You can see the tag line appearing (at the time of writing) on MIT subdomain ( along with the well known symbol of anonymous. If you are not an active Internet user then you might find this weird but if you know something about hacking then you might know the anonymous hackers and their symbol.

Yes, this particular domain has been hacked and defaced by some hacker and they have written their message on the domain name. “Remember THE DAY WE FIGHT BACK” this message pointing towards Aaron Swartz, who has actively participated against SOPA and PIPA censorship laws.

Not long after Reddit Co-founder and activist Aaron Swartz submitted suicide on January 11, 2013, Anonymous hackers defaced the site of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Right away, one year after his expiration.

The defacement is the part of Operation Last Resort (#OPLASTRESORT), the particular campaign begun soon there after Swartz’s dying. 

MIT Domain

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